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Discovering the wonderful world of honey, produced with passion, by bees... and I, Nazario Fania.

Could humanity learn from bees?

Yes, we could learn from bees. Only one difficult obstacle has to be overcome which is to go from a wasteful economy that is based on production of quantity, to a “sustainably” based economy by beginning with protecting and respecting the environment and it’s people.

We could only learn from bees.

A bee family is based on simple organisation, interdependence, interconnection and co-operation. Protecting biodiversity of planet earth enabling bees to continue to foster solar development.

Not only do bees give us high quality products which are honey pollen, royal jelly, propolis wax but also provide benefit for the whole of humanity.

Debating on honey

Honey is a food product which bees produce from the nectar of flowers or from the secretions of living parts of plants in which they forage, transform, combine with specific substances of their own storing and leaving the honeycombs to mature in their hives.

The initial point for bees is to collect the flower nectar, a sweet substance which plants produce to attract insects which involuntarily become carriers of pollen, the fecundating element, which evolves in this way transferring on to other flowers.

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