Who I am

My name is Nazario, I am a beekeeper, I live in central Italy a small and beautiful region called Molise. I have a laboratory in Montagano in the province of Campobasso and I have beehives based in different hilly and mountainous parts of the Molise area, between April and August I move the beehives to different blooms to create pure, excellent quality single and assorted mixed flowered honey.

Through working with and learning from bees, beekeeping for me has developed into an integrated and sustainable role model. Honey produced by bees through their organisation and work is as a result of their complex and articulated relationships with their environment. Making a demanding choice, going further than having an organic honey seal of approval, I personally felt the need to create a “circular economy”.

Initiating a circular economy where control over honey and other bee products belong to the producer and the consumer. I would like to take those who consume my honey on a journey to the fields where I take the bees showing them how the honey is produced and subsequently, how it is extracted in the laboratory.

Behind each bee there is a pollinated flower, there is a beekeeper who uses all the techniques for preserving the environment whilst protecting the well-being of bees and safeguarding the (Ligustica ) Italian honey bee.

My work is an emotional story, of nature, work, obligation and love for these little but most important insects. Bees represent one of the most significant aspects for a healthy biodiversity.
My bees do not only produce honey, they produce an emotion, if we can still become emotional about a spoonful of natural honey.

Buy my honey Support the dedication of a small passionate beekeeper and his bees who in turn protect the environment and biodiversity.

Circular economy and biodiversity

Although there is a honey seal of approval, my company has made an even more Important and demanding choice, by creating a beehive company of a circular economy. Creating a productive and sustainable process that is respectful of the environment, of biodiversity and of bees along the whole production line, treasuring the breeding of beekeeping.